Farmers Branch Trails

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Fixit Bicycle Station

The Farmers Branch Sustainability & Public Health and Parks & Recreation Departments reminds residents that there is a Fixit Bicycle Station at the Farmers Branch Community Recreation Center, made possible by the 2017 Summer Funshine and Teen Leadership Program. The station is located near the main entrance to the building and has an air pump and basic tools needed to repair or adjust bicycle equipment and components. 

Farmers Branch has added even more Fixit Bike Stations to help residents with their bicycling experience.

Added locations to help riders with quick fixes:

Bike Fix It - AAC 2 

~ Animal Adoption Center

Bike Fix It - Rawhide Park 2

~ Rawhide Park Playground on Golfing Green (near the Manske Library)

Bike Fix It - Rose Garden 1

~ Rose Garden @ Gussie Field Watterworth Park


Trail Master Plan

Why are Trails Important to Farmers Branch?

In Farmers Branch we think of trails as "linear parks" and as a community that brands itself as a "City in a Park" having an extensive network of trails is a priority to our City Council and to our citizens.

Farmers Branch currently has numerous trail connections in the heart of the City, but is eager to implement a Trail Master Plan that provides connectivity for all of Farmers Branch. This vision will help link neighborhoods, schools, parks, and key destination points within the City and to surrounding communities. 
In addition, trails in a community make it easier for people to incorporate exercise into their daily routines, they are safe havens for walking and jogging, bicycling, family and social outings that connect people to places they want to go, such as schools, transit centers, businesses and neighborhoods.

Current Walking Trails

John F. Burke Nature Preserve Trails

Rawhide Park

Rawhide Park is a linear park with a walking trail divided into three loops:


Loop I - Between Tom Field and Josey Lane:0.86 mile
Loop II - Between Josey Lane and Longmeade: 0.73 mile
Loop III - Between Longmeade and Webb Chapel: 0.83 mile


Loops I & II: 1.52 miles
Loops II & III: 1.48 miles
Loops I, II, & III: 2.27 miles

Gussie Field Watterworth Park

Starting at Valley View Lane, round trip through main trail of park: 0.75 mile

Farmers Branch Park

One lap: 0.56 mile

Temple Trails Park

One lap: 0.30 mile

Don Showman Park

One lap: 0.38 mile