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Appropriate and inappropriate use of this data: Online Crime Stats were created to serve as a tool to create awareness of crime in the community. Because of data-flow and coding issues, the data is in no way intended as a representation of official crime statistics and is inappropriate for use in litigation or any other legal or court proceedings. Users interested in official crime statistics for legal purposes should submit a written Open Records Request.

Uniform Crime Reports 2019 totals

  • Murder: 2
  • Rape: 10
  • Robbery: 24
  • Aggravated assault: 24
  • Burglary: 151
  • Larceny - theft: 690
  • Auto theft: 168
  • Arson: 0
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Traffic Stop Data 2019
Quarterly Traffic Stop Data (Apr-June 2020)
07-15-20 Q2

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