Rawhide Park

Rawhide Park is a linear park with a walking trail divided into three loops:


  • Loop I - Between Tom Field and Josey Lane
    0.86 mile
  • Loop II - Between Josey Lane and Longmeade
    0.73 mile
  • Loop III - Between Longmeade and Webb Chapel
    0.83 mile


  • Loops I & II: 1.52 miles
  • Loops II & III: 1.48 miles
  • Loops I, II, & III: 2.27 miles

Gussie Field Watterworth Park

  • Starting at Valley View Lane, round trip through main trial of park: 0.75 mile

Farmers Branch Park

  • One lap: 0.56 mile

Temple Trails Park

  • One lap: 0.30 mile

Don Showman Park

  • One lap: 0.38 mile
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