Healthy Creeks are Good for Everyone

Farmers Branch creeks are a unique feature of the City and are enjoyed not just by the residents living along the creek but also by residents who enjoy the City's creekside amenities such as parks and trails.  Healthy creeks provide clean water, reduce flooding and erosion impacts to homes and businesses, provide habitat for wildlife, and enhance property values.  

What is a Waterway Buffer?  

A waterway buffer is an area next to a creek that grows grasses, flowers, trees and shrubs.  A healthy waterway buffer has a mixture of vegetation that over time develops deep roots to hold the bank in place.  Lack of deep-rooted vegetation around creek banks can contribute to future erosion issues.  

Homeowner's Guide to Healthy Creeks

Every little bit helps - do what you can and let waterway buffers grow! 

  • Avoid growing and mowing turf grass up to the edge of a creek.  Turf grass has shallow root systems that does little to stabilize the banks.  
  • Plant native grasses and wildflowers.  These species have longer root systems than typical lawn grasses such as Bermuda.
  • Plant native shrubs and trees.  These species require little maintenance and provide abundant food for wildlife.

It's all about the roots!


Healthy waterway buffers can -

  • Enhance property values and add to landscaping
  • Protect creeks from certain pollutants
  • Prevent erosion of soil and reduce flooding
  • Improve water quality
  • Provide wildlife habitat

The Rawhide Shade Grow Zone Winter 2020

Shade Grow Zone January 2020
Shade Grow Zone January 2020
Shade Grow Zone January 2020
Shade Grow Zone January 2020

Let it Grow!

Growing plants and trees in the riparian areas adjacent to creeks is one way to keep our waterways clean and flowing.  

Farmers Branch Riparian Restoration Plant List 

Native and non-native plants can be grown next to creeks.  Select plants that are adaptive and will not crowd out other vegetation.  A mixture of vegetation with deep roots will help improve infiltration of stormwater.