Special Interests


Mondays | 9:15 am

Free | Instructor: Anna Abner
"Use it or lose it" is a concept that has been applied to physical fitness, but it also applies to brain fitness. Thinkabilities class will help to improve your memory, sharpen your mind and promote social interaction.

If you're interested in this class, give us a call: 972.919.9740. We can email you the weekly homework as we practice safe distancing until the facility opens.

Shared Moments

Mondays 10:15 am | Free

What’s your story? In this group, you will have the opportunity to hear others recall and share life memories as well as share your own. All are welcome!  

Photo Club

Wednesdays | 1 pm

Free | Instructor: Deborah Hutchins

Registration Link: http://apm.activecommunities.com/farmersbranch/Activity_Search/6923
Come and share your love of photography. Learn some basic photography techniques, go out and take pictures and then view your pictures with the group with slideshows. Anyone with a camera or smartphone camera is welcome!  

Garden Group


Garden Tours 

Wednesday | October 21 | 10 am | F


Join us as we tour the Farmers Branch Gardens, pick flowers and make our flower arrangements with Landscape Manager, Pam Smith. Then we'll travel to Dallas County Master Gardener, Cindy Bolz’s house in Farmers Branch to see her beautiful Japanese Maple Tree garden. Be sure to pack a lunch and drink. Register by October 19 for a spot on the bus.

Random Acts of Kindness

Second Thursday of each month | 11 am 
The Random Acts of Kindness Group does many amazing things every month — from small acts of kindness, such as buying a stranger a cup of coffee, to much bigger acts of kindness like collecting and giving food and supplies to those in need. You can get involved by donating items each month or by joining the group and helping to organize and distribute the collected items.
Sweats for Vets

November 12 | 11 am

Collecting individually wrapped treats, candy and toys for kid. Please drop off your donations by October 14.

An Exercise in Critical Thinking; Conversations in Neglected History

Fridays on Zoom | 9:30 am | https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89051090986

Registration Link: Required: http://apm.activecommunities.com/farmersbranch/Activity_Search/7475

The heart of historical study is both a SCIENCE and an ART. To be interesting, facts must be accompanied with compelling storytelling. And all too often ‘official versions’ limit our understanding of history.

Our personal experiences can add to the narrative and make history come to life. You are welcome to enjoy our guest speakers and join in our lively discussions. Bring your history topics for our class to explore!