Special Interests

We are OPEN! Masks are required unless exercising.

We offer a variety of interested-based groups and programs for our members. The groups and programs are an excellent way to meet people with similar interests while engaging in an activity you love! 

Special Interests are available for members only. 

A photo of a lady participating in Bumper Bingo

Park and Play: Bumper Bingo! 

Wednesday | April 7 & 21 | 1 - 3 p.m.

$1 per card/3 card maximum | Must arrive by 12:30 pm to purchase cards  

Drive into our parking lot and pick up your BINGO cards to play Bumper BINGO! Our loyal bingo caller will be here to call your numbers over the radio. Just honk your horn and flash your lights when you get a BINGO. Remain in your vehicle and staff will come to you. We may be bumper to bumper but be sure to wave and say hi to your neighbor at a safe distance. Limited space so, call 972.919.8740 to register or register at the link below.

Registration reserves your parking spot. Please remember to bring money bingo to purchase a bingo card.

Sponsor: Oak Street Health 

Graphic of a red silhouette of a person's head with gears in the  brain area

Experiencing Brain Fog? Thinkabilities is here to help!

Do you find that your brain is a little foggy living with the COVID-19 pandemic and isolation? Our Thinkabilities program can help with brain-challenging worksheets. Call 972-919-8740 and give us your email address, and we'll send "homework" to you regularly. 

Don't have email? Let us know and we will make arrangements for you to drive by and pick it up at The Branch Connection.

Graphic of several colorful hands reaching towards each other from top to bottom

Shared Moments 

Mondays | April 5 & 19 | 10:15 a.m. | Free

What’s your story? In this group, you will have the opportunity to hear others recall and share life memories as well as share your own. All are welcome! Register below or by calling 972-919-8740.

Location: The Branch Connection  Also on Zoom

Photo of bookshelf in the background with an open, fanned book out on a table in front

Book Club LIVE or on ZOOM

Come meet kindred book lovers, as they discuss the reading of a different book each month. 

Also for those not wanting to meet in person, you can join us on Zoom.

A Long Petal of the Sea by Isabelle Allende

Monday | April 12 | 1 p.m.

Location: The Branch Connection  Also on Zoom

This epic novel spanning decades and crossing continents follows two young people as they flee the Spanish Civil War's aftermath searching for a place to call home.

Picture of smartphone being used to take a photo

Photo Club

Wednesdays | April 14 & 28 | 1 p.m.

Free | Instructor: Deborah Hutchins

Location: The Branch Connection

Come and share your love of photography. Learn some basic photography techniques, go out and take pictures and then view your pictures with the group with slideshows. Anyone with a camera or smartphone camera is welcome!  

Graphic of a lady listening to a class online

An Exercise in Critical Thinking; Conversations in Neglected History

Fridays | 9:30 a.m.

Location: The Branch Connection  Also on Zoom  

The heart of historical study is both a SCIENCE and an Art. To be interesting, facts must be accompanied by compelling storytelling. All too often 'official versions' limit our understanding of history. You are welcome to enjoy our guest speakers and join in our lively discussions. You can register using the links below or by calling 972-919-8740.

April 9
Mini Topics
Jesse Spurway
April 16
WWII Eagle Squadron
Pricilla Mowinkel
April 23
African American History
Delores Jefferson
April 30
History of Fort Griffin
Eric Ambercrombe

Photo of neon text with the words Trivia Night

Free Tuesday Night Trivia

Play along in our Tuesday Trivia challenge. You don’t have to be a whiz kid to join us, just love to have fun! The winner receives a free pizza, delivered right to your door.

April 27 | 6 p.m. Famous Slogans

From the 70's to now, figure out which business/organization/product uses these famous taglines and slogans. Join TBC staff as you try your luck at this fun game for bragging rights!

Join us on Facebook Live >>>

Photo of gentleman engaging in a gardening activity

Garden Group through Zoom

African Violets

Wednesday | April 21 | 10 a.m. 

Free | Speaker: Suesan Smith, Dallas County Master Gardener

Only on Zoom

African Violets offer practically everything you could hope for in an indoor plant. Discovered in east Africa over 100 years ago, the African Violet has since become an all-time favorite houseplant. Learn about the care and propagation of this beautiful plant.

Photo of Random Acts of Kindness group collecting donations

Random Acts of Kindness  

The Random Acts of Kindness Group does many amazing things - like collecting and giving food and supplies to those in need. You can get involved by donating items monthly; just drive by the front door of The Branch Connection and drop off the needed items. 

Children's Hospital

Thursday | April 8 | Free

We are collecting new small toys for the children to pick out of a small treasure chest.