Fire Prevention Inspection Fee Program

Effective October 1, 2018, the Farmers Branch Fire Department adopted a new commercial inspection program.  In an effort to expand fire prevention services to business owners and recover costs (in accordance with Appendix A of the City of Farmers Branch Code of Ordinances, adopted by City Council on September 11, 2018), a fee will be assessed for fire inspections conducted in Farmers Branch commercial occupancies and residential group R-2 buildings such as apartments, hotels and motels.

The Fire Department is responsible for inspecting approximately 2,600 commercial establishments. Corrective actions taken as a result of these inspections lessen the threat of fire and help protect residents, visitors and business owners of Farmers Branch. Fire Chief Steve Parker said the City's proactive fire prevention programs also factored into the ISO Class 1 designation for Farmers Branch which has the potential to save business and home owners on their fire insurance premiums.

Inspection fees will be assessed based on occupancy type and square footage and will range from $50 to $500. Businesses should expect an invoice from third-party Fire Recovery USA, the firm retained to manage the billing process.

The Farmers Branch Fire Department appreciates the assistance of business owners and property managers for their assistance with this important public safety program.