Planning & Zoning

Department Functions

The City of Farmers Branch Planning Department plays an instrumental role in the long-term and day-to-day success of the city. The planning department does this by pursuing specific planning principles. These principles are central to all planning efforts.


The planning department:
  • Manages the city's land development process relative to design review, site planning, specific use permits, and zoning
  • Prepares the city's comprehensive plan and district plans such as the recently adopted central area plan. Other district plans include the west side plan and station area plan
  • Prepares policies, programs and ordinances relating to development, conducts demographic analysis and engages in special planning studies relating to economic development, environment, urban design, transportation, and housing
  • Offers extensive e-planning, public outreach and education programs to encourage greater involvement in planning activities

Energov: New Online Application System  New

The City of Farmers Branch has implemented a new software system called EnerGov to manage zoning and development applications, where customers are able to pay and apply for any Planning Application online through the Citizen Self Service (CSS) portal.  With a CSS account, customers will be able to do the following from their computer, or tablet:

CSS Portal

  • Create an account
  • Submit zoning and development applications
  • Submit zoning verification letter applications
  • Make payments
  • Track progress of the submitted application
  • Receive review comments from staff and
  • Submit revised plans and/or documents

To help navigate CSS, staff has created User Guides on the basic CSS functions. Please visit our CSS page to get registered and/or tour the portal! For questions on how to set up an account or submit an application, please review the user guides:

Applications that can be submitted online are:

  • Detailed Site Plan
  • Minor Detailed Site Plan Amendment
  • Specific Use Permit (SUP)
  • Specific Use Permit (SUP) for Guest Quarters in R-1 or R-2 Zoning District
  • Specific Use Permit (SUP) for Gas Wells
  • Zoning Map Amendment
  • Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance (CZO) Text Amendment
  • Zoning Verification Letter
  • Additional services through other city departments.
For more information please visit Application Forms.