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Attorney Docket
The municipal court holds an attorney docket once each month.  Attorney's who have posted bonds or filed letters of representation are set on this docket to speak to the prosecutor.  If an outcome is not resolved from this docket, cases are set for a jury trial or trial by judge.

When you file notices of representation to the court, please allow the court until the end of business that day to process your request.  If you do not receive notice of a court date, please contact the court to verify your submission was received.

Attorney Bonds
Attorneys who file bonds with the Municipal Court are set on the next available docket.  Warrants are lifted once the court receives bonds for defendants in a warrant status.  Please note that the following information is required by the court for the bond to be approved:

  • Citation/Warrant Number
  • Defendant Name
  • Offense Description
  • Bond Amount
  • Principle Signature
  • Principle Address
  • Principle Phone Number

Insufficient bonds will not be approved and warrants will remain active. 

Attorney Bond Form

**Facsimile submissions are accepted**

Motions for Continuance
Motions for continuance can be filed with the court and will be forwarded to the judge for approval.  Please note that if you are filing a motion for continuance, it must be timely filed PRIOR to the docket date and time.

**Facsimile submissions are accepted**

Methods of Filing
The Municipal Court accepts all filings in person, by fax or via this email address.  If you submit your filing by fax or email, an original document is NOT required to follow up.

If a defendant is in custody, bonds must be done in person so that a release may be sent to the facility they are being held at.  If you submit your filing by fax or email, an original document is NOT required to follow up.