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The Engineering Department provides key services to ensure quality development occurs in Farmers Branch. Development-related services include reviewing plans for private development to ensure that it will not have a negative impact on other property owners as well as making sure that the development will improve the quality of life for both residents and businesses in Farmers Branch.
A plat is a precise drawing that is created and certified by a registered public land surveyor (RPLS) graphically depicting and verbally describing real property,  metes and bounds description of the boundaries within a municipal jurisdiction of a given county and state.  Plats are used as part of the development process to define and describe real property and to dedicate easement rights and other public rights-of-way for installation of public infrastructure.

Platting Process Procedures
Generally, property must be platted or replatted when it is being developed or redeveloped.  A plat may also be required when a portion of undeveloped property is being divided and sold or if a building structure is proposed for construction over an existing lot line.                                                    

Platting Fees
The City’s current platting fee is $35 per acre of property being platted, plus $100 per plat sheet. *The final plat and other required separate instrument documents will be recorded at the Dallas County Clerk’s Office.  Recording fees are determined by Dallas County. Please contact Dallas County Clerk for current filing fees.  *Additional fees may be required.                                                        

Engineering Plans
Engineering (civil) plans are sometimes required when property is platted for development. Engineering plans associated with a plat must be submitted for construction of streets drainage, water and sewer systems, fire hydrants, and any other public improvements required within and adjacent to the property being platted.  Engineering plans will include details, profiles, cross sections, and plan views of all public (and in some cases, private) infrastructure required for the development of real property. Engineering plans must be at least ninety-five percent (95%) complete (as determined by the City Engineer) before the subdivision plat will be forwarded to the Planning and Zoning Commission for consideration. A rights-of-way permit will be required for all work being performed within public rights-of-way or easements. (See Permits section)  The developer must construct all public improvements, including streetlights and street name signs and other improvements as required.                                                            

Construction Inspection
An engineering construction inspector is assigned for the inspection of public improvements associated with a development project.


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