If an individual’s citation is in warrant status they are subject to arrest by any law enforcement officer in the State of Texas. Warrants can be cleared in one of the following ways:

  • Pay the warrant in full, in person, at the Court Clerk's window, or ONLINE
  • Post a cash bond in person at the Court Clerk's window
  • Post an attorney or surety bond in person or by mail.


Warrant payments made by mail or online will not clear the warrant until the court receives the payment. The court will usually receive your payment the following business day from the date it was paid online. Until the payment is received, the individual is still subject to arrest.

Failure to appear or pay the citation by the court date assigned will cause the incurring of additional fines, fees and costs. The individual may be charged with a separate offense of Failure to Appear, which carries a maximum penalty of $500. A warrant will be issued for the individual’s arrest and may result in the loss of driving and vehicle registration privileges.