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Branch Review (Formerly Branch Focus)

A great way to get up-to-date city information, including news, events and more, the Branch Review is the City of Farmers Branch’s newsletter that arrives in water bills each month.
  1. Auction yields new rate for latest edition of Farmers Branch Power Switch

    FBTX ~ Following an impending reverse auction, a winning electrical rate of 9.8 cents per kilowatt hour, on average, has been announced for the 2019 Power Switch that could save some Farmers Branch residents hundreds of dollars a year. Read on...
  2. Council to consider new smoking restrictions; includes vaping prohibited in parks

    FBTX ~ At an upcoming meeting, the Farmers Branch City Council plans to discuss a possible expansion to the City's smoking ordinance which could include the prohibition of smoking. Read on...
  3. Brush & Bulky: New schedule to divert brush from landfill; pickup on recycling days

    FBTX ~ After months of public discussion, a new brush and bulky pickup schedule will begin in Farmers Branch on February 1, designed to divert clean brush from the landfill, thereby extending the life of the City-owned Camelot Landfill. Read on...
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