Project Details

Over the past year, the Farmers Branch Library Board has held a number of visioning meetings to gain input from the community about what a future Library should include. The below items and specifications are a starting point and will be expanded upon through additional community meetings should voters pass the Library Bond. 


Collaboratively design and build a Library to serve the whole community through 2075


Adjacent to Fire Station No. 1, across the street from the current Library’s location


Less than 3.5 miles from every current and future resident of the City


About 35,000 square feet


open inspiring design, large windows, collaborative spaces, common areas, cafe

Outdoor Integration

terraces, reading garden, benches, activity areas


permeable paving, solar and green roof design, xeriscape, “zero-energy” design features

Performing Arts

multi-functional public theater to also serve as large meeting/event space

Children’s Area

story time, crafting, and game areas, engaging open environment

Public Art

integrated art inside and out with gallery area, feature local artists 


makerspace, WiFi, computer lab, ample power outlets, smart furniture


automatic check in and check out, drive thru book drop

Study & Quiet Space

study rooms, flexible meeting spaces

Park Inclusion

Rawhide Park re-imagined to include the current Library location and serve as a natural extension of the new Library

Public Meetings Held Concerning the Library

Visioning Meetings
  • November 26, 2018 - Library
  • December 18, 2018 – Rec Center
  • January 26, 2019 – Library
  • February 4, 2019 – Branch Connection
City Council Meetings
  • April 17, 2018 – Library Board video presentation to Council
  • July 17, 2018 – Library renovation versus new Library discussion
  • November 6, 2018 – Initial new Library presentation
  • November 27, 2018 – Library bond education presentation
  • January 29, 2019 – Library RFQ responses review
  • February 5, 2019 – Library bond discussion
  • February 13, 2019 – Library bond discussion
Library Board Meetings
  • November 8, 2018
  • December 6, 2018
  • December 18, 2018
  • January 7, 2019 (Lewisville The Hive tour)
  • January 10, 2019
  • January 28, 2019
  • February 7, 2019